A new name for Lightyears – now you can find all their designer lamps at Fritz Hansen

Since 2015, the Danish lighting brand has been part of world-famous Fritz Hansen – together they’ve developed and produced designer lamps of the highest quality. But at the beginning of 2019 Lightyears was fully integrated into Fritz Hansen – Lightyears as a brand is gone, but their beautiful lighting – including the popular Caravaggio, Orient, Dogu and Radon lamps - can still be found in Fritz Hansen’s remarkable range of products.

The story behind Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen dates all the way back to 1872, when the man behind the name started as a cabinetmaker in Copenhagen. In 1885 he opened a full-fledged furniture production company, establishing a thriving workshop in the Copenhagen neighbourhood Christianshavn two years later.

The brand Fritz Hansen has provided furniture for many famous buildings in Copenhagen, including Christiansborg (the Danish parliament), the University Library and Copenhagen City Hall.

Through the years Fritz Hansen has collaborated with some of Denmark’s greatest architects and designers. Their first true classic was Kinastolen, or the China Chair, designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1944. Soon to follow was Børge Mogensen’s iconic spoke-back sofa in 1945.

The 1950’s saw the start of Arne Jacobsen’s legendary collaboration with Fritz Hansen. In this period he created the Ant chair (1952), the Series 7 chairs (1955), the Swan and the Egg - both created for the SAS Royal hotel in Copenhagen in1958.

Other designers who created important pieces for Fritz Hansen through the years include Piet Hein, Poul Kjærholm and Bruno Mathsson.

Fritz Hansen bought the Danish lighting company Lightyears in 2015 because it was clear that the two firms shared a very similar outlook and design philosophy.

That shared viewpoint has led to a single brand with a single philosophy – Fritz Hansen.

Beautiful lamps from Fritz Hansen

The renowned Kaiser Idell family of lamps has been a part of Fritz Hansen’s product range for years now. Joining it under the Fritz Hansen brand are the beautiful Caravaggio pendants, the Suspense series, the Night Owl table lamps, The Aeon Rocket pendants and many others.
<i>Kaiser Idell</i>

Kaiser Idell

The Kaiser Idell lamp series consists of floor lamps, table lamps, pendants and wall lamps – variously available in black, white, red and green. The central features of the family include the patented swivel joint and the characteristic shade, always stamped with ’ORIGINAL KAISER-idell’. The lamps were created by Christian Dell as his take on Bauhaus design. The lamps are known as iconic examples of German design and are popular around the world.

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<i>Caravaggio series </i>

Caravaggio series

The popular and eye-catching Caravaggio lamps – available as pendants, table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps – were created in 2005 and have since taken over many homes around the world. Caravaggio, especially the pendant, is a true design icon. Cecilie Manz is the designer behind the series’ soft shapes and feminine lines.

See the whole Caravaggio range here.
<i>Night Owl table lamp</i>

Night Owl table lamp

Designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen created the informal and uncomplicated Night Owl table lamp for Fritz Hansen. Night Owl is available in four lovely colours - Midnight Blue, Smokey White, Midnight Blue/Oak and Smokey White/Oak. The lamp creates warm, downward-directed illumination – it’s ideal for the bedisde table, windowsill or sideboard.

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