Alfred Homann

Born: 1948
Best known work: Nyhavn lamp, Homann lamp, Ensemble chair
Training: Architect

Alfred Homann finished his studies at the Art School in Copenhagen in 1976. During his studies began working for the famous Wilhelm Wohlert, and continued there in first years after his graduation.

From 1987 – 1995 he was the CEO of his own design studio in Denmark, and at the same time spent short periods working as a designer in the US.

He uses only the best-quality materials in his well-considered and rugged lamps. Throughout his career he has won numerous prizes including Die Gute Industrie Form in 1978, the ID Prize in 1987, and the Design Innovation Prize in Germany in 1992.

His most famous lamps - Nyhavn and Homann - are two very popular outdoor lamps produced by Danish brand Louis Poulsen.
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