Anna-Mette Monnelly

Best known work: Le Klint 148 Coprino
Training: Architect

Anna-Mette Monnelly is an architect educated at both MIT and The Architecture School at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts. The stay at MIT resulted in extensive knowledge about the techniques of complex materials. She is the founder and owner of the company ‘Sight and Settlement’. The company advises in sustainability, energy saving plans and indoor climate.

She has also taught sustainability in architecture for many years at a variety of schools.

As a young student, she was very concerned about the environment and early on became one of the leading supporters of sustainability in architecture and indoor climate.

She has joined forces with Danish brand Le Klint for the design of the Le Klint 148 Coprino.

Anna-Mette Monnelly works all over the world, trying to make the world a more green and sustainable place, one design at a time.
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