Artecnica is a design company based in Los Angeles. It works with some of the most intriguing and provocative international designers in order to produce inspirational and functional art that brightens up any room.

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Hand in hand with talented designers like Tord Boontje, Hella Jongerius, and the Campana brothers, Artecnica continues to explore lively and colourful ways to express convincing sentiments and bring joy to everyday designs.

Artecnica has committed to employing sustainable and responsible production methods. Their products are often made from recycled materials and transported in shipping-friendly flat packaging, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

The Design with Conscience® programme is working with craftsmen in developing countries. This humanitarian approach to production supports shared work and profit across different borders, cultures, races, and religions. The purpose of design is to facilitate change on a global scale.

Artecnica started Design with Conscience® in 2002 to support design and products that follow humanitarian and environmentally conscious principles.

The increased influence of globalisation of trade excludes local craftsmen from traditional markets, which isolates them from the potential demand their products might amass. The challenge then becomes developing a competitive product that helps the skills of the locals to survive, protecting locals crafts rather than industrialised mass production.

In order to promote self-sufficient groups of talented craftsmen in underdeveloped countries, Artecnica has set up partnerships with charitable organisations like Aid to Artisans and The British Council.

This grants the small teams of craftsmen access to internationally recognised designers.

The designers help the craftsmen find their niche on the international market and Artecnica offers support with the logistics and marketing sides of the process, as well as everything else involved in the process of getting the product from designer to consumer.
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