What bulb should I choose?

There is a huge and sometimes confusing selection of bulbs out there and it can be hard to find your way through all of the different types, shapes and colours. Do you need to fill your bathroom with light, create some mood lighting in your living room or find the right bulb for the lamp over your dining table? Make the right choice by considering your needs and your lamp. The look of a new lamp can change drastically depending on which type of bulb you choose. If you’d like to know more about choosing the right bulb, you can find our ’Nice to know’ guide to bulbs here.

You’re also more than welcome to contact our Customer Service team by mail or phone – we would be happy to help you find the right bulb for your lamp. You can find all of our bulbs in the categories below.
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More about bulbs

There are lots and lots of options when it comes time to choose a bulb for your lamp, and we have a wide selection of LED, halogen and decorative bulbs to fit every lamp.

Colour reproduction:

When talking about bulbs it’s important to be aware of the RA/CRI scale, which rates bulbs on how well they reproduce colours. Natural daylight is 100 RA and reproduces colours perfectly. Halogen bulbs are usually rated at 99 RA, with almost perfect colour reproduction. LED bulbs are often in the range of 80-95 RA with slightly less perfect reproduction. In the normal home 80 RA is fine – colours, while not reproduced perfectly, will look fine.

LED bulbs:

LED bulbs are very popular and with good reason. They are very economical and use very little energy. They’re an excellent choice for outdoor lighting that needs to be left on for long periods of time. LEDs are a bit more expensive, but they have very long lifespans and won’t need to be replaced very often.

The light output of LED bulbs is measured in lumen, not in watts like traditional incandescent bulbs. Here’s an overview:
15W = 140 lumen
25W = 250 lumen
40W = 470 lumen
60W = 800 lumen
75W = 1050 lumen
100W =1520 lumen

LED bulbs are good quality and provide a comfortable light, and are optimal when you need quick ignition and for outdoor fixtures. They’re a bit more expensive, but can last for up to 20 years. Halogen bulbs give a warm light with good colour reproduction but have a shorter lifespan. We also carry special bulbs for lamps without shades, such as free-hanging fabric cables and chandeliers, where the bulb can be seen clearly and plays a large part in creating the look of the lamp.

LED bulbs have lots of advantages, but one of the few disadvantages in the lower RA rating which can mean an undesirable cold white light. Just look for Warm White bulbs with a minimum RA rating of 80 and you won’t have any problems.

We carry LED bulbs from manufacturers like GN, e3light, Muuto, DuraLamp, Philips, Vita, Megaman, Raxon, Tala and many more.

Halogen bulbs:

Many customers choose classic halogen, and in our assorment you’ll find a halogen bulb for every situation. Halogen bulbs have an RA rating of 99, reproducing colours perfectly and providing warm and comfortable light.

A halogen bulb is a cheaper choice than LED bulb but has a significantly shorter lifespan than LED. They also get warmer and use more energy than LED bulbs.

We carry halogen bulbs from Flos, Gubi, GN, e3light, Philips, Dura Lamp and many more.

Decorative bulbs:

Many contemporary lighting fixtures are designed so that the bulbs are clearly visible and are an important part of the look of the lamp. That’s why our bulb assortment includes a wide range of beautiful deco bulbs perfect for all sorts of lamps.

We carry deco bulbs in both LED and halogen from brands like Tala, Tivoli Lights, e3light, Plumen, Philips, Megaman and many more.

Philips Hue – the bulb of the future:

Philips, in association with Apple, has developed Philips Hue – a range of products that represents the future of lighting. Simply download the Philips Hue app, and via the specially developed bulbs and brifge you can adjust and control your lighting, creating endless effects including including 16 million possible colours.

This is a true breakthrough in light bulb technology, since a single bulb can now do what used to require dimmers, timers and other equipment. You can use Philips Hue as an anti-burglary measure, setting lamps to turning on and off in different rooms at different times, all controlled via your smart device from wherever you are.

Wide selection of bulbs:

We have bulbs to fit many different socket sizes, from the popular E27, E14, G9 and GU10 to more specialized sizes such as GU5.3, R7S and G23.

We also have a wide selection of fluorescent tubes, incandescent bulbs and energy saving bulbs.
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