Chors Lamps

The Polish designer brand cooperates with a range of Polish product designers and interior designers in order to create innovative and aesthetic lighting solutions. These solutions are designed to satisfy the demands of the end-user, and the defining characteristic for Chors-lamps is their ability to ensure optimal lighting without compromising on their adherence to modern trends in design.

The company has been collaborating with the young and talented designer Piotr Kalinowski for a couple of years, and this partnership has led to the creation of a small collection consisting of a wall lamp and a floor lamp in black and white. The collection is characterised by a unique and interesting expression that delivers on the ambition of the brand to create products of popular and innovative design without compromising on function and use of technology. The eye-catching lamps work equally well as mounted or freestanding sculptures. Experience the collection in its two colours below.
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Ambiente lighting from Chors

The collection from Piotr Kalinowski has become quite popular, and is perhaps better known as “Ambiente”. The collection consists of a floor lamp and a wall lamp, both of which are available in black and white. The design is a combination of round, organic shapes, and linear, broken shapes, and this combination of contrasting elements are central to the modern, sculptural expression of the lamps. Masterful lighting is not the only thing this collection has to offer, as the lamps work equally well as sculptural elements, adding an artistic and creative edge to interior design solutions. Behind each of the bubbles is a built-in LED light source that casts a soft, orientating light in a downward-facing direction. Allow yourself to be inspired by the modern and artistic expression of the Ambiente lamps, and feel free to use them for more than just lighting. Browse the entire collection right here.
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