Design Awards

For many years, the country's biggest home and design magazines have celebrated design that has done something special in its field in the prestigious Design Awards. The best of Danish design is celebrated in an evening of celebration and joy in the air as everyone eagerly awaits to hear who will be named the best of the year in their respective categories. The awards ceremony is a showcase for Danish design and a testament to the creativity that exists in Denmark.
The Design Awards were first held in 2013 and have been an annual event ever since. The awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates the best in design and prizes are awarded in the categories of Designer of the Year, Creative of the Year, Furniture of the Year, Design of the Year, Comeback of the Year, Lamp of the Year, Green Idea of the Year and Innovative of the Year.
The winners of the Danish Design Awards are selected by a jury consisting of experts and professionals in design and architecture. The jury evaluates the submitted design proposals based on a number of criteria, including originality, functionality, sustainability and aesthetics. The award recognizes the creativity and craftsmanship required to create beautiful and functional design objects. It is also a way to underline the importance of Danish design on the global stage and to show that Denmark is still a leading nation in design and architecture.
The Danish Design Awards is an event that all design enthusiasts should look forward to. It's a chance to see the best of Danish design and to celebrate the talented designers and creators who make Denmark a leading country in design. Below you can see all the lamps that have won over the years.

The victorious lamps

Design Award winner 2023

The judges describe this year's lamp as a design that may have visual similarities to previous concepts, but refines and optimizes in line with modern aesthetics and currently available technology. The lamp is practical and solves specific lighting needs by being able to direct light precisely in the desired directions, while being adjustable with a dimming function to adapt to different situations. It exudes a sense of humility, focus and accomplished elegance, and represents an honesty and sincerity that goes beyond the existing.

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Design Award winner 2022

Lamp of the Year in 2022 was the wonderful OneLine, designed by Kasper Kjeldgaard for Fritz Hansen. The thin, airy lamp won for both its functional design and its stunning aesthetics - and if you see the OneLine lamp in person, it's easy to see why it won. Available in three shades, the lamp can be rotated 360 degrees to illuminate exactly what you want.

To learn more, you can see all three colors the OneLine comes in here!

Design Award winner 2021

In 2021, Danish design company Louis Poulsen lifted the Design Awards trophy for their collaboration with designer Anna Boysen on the beautiful Moonsetter. The astute reader will probably notice that Moonsetter sounds familiar - and if you've seen the television program "Denmark's Next Classic" on DR, you'll probably know that Moonsetter won the program's competition in 2020 and truly became Denmark's next classic when Louis Poulsen produced it. If you want to know more about lamps that are 'famous from TV,' you can read our Famous Lamps article here!

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Design Award winner 2019

There's no doubt the atmosphere at Louis Poulsen and Christian Flindt's table was buzzing when it was announced that their stunning Flindt wall light had won the trophy - and although Danish design company Louis Poulsen had won a design award before, it's no less festive the second time around. The beautiful outdoor lamp is available in a multitude of sizes and variants.

Flindt can be seen here!

Design Award winner 2018

A simple, minimalist silhouette, good light and a balanced and precise aesthetic. It doesn't take much to understand why Muuto and Jens Fager won the 2018 Design Award for their exquisite Tip lamp. The lamp is available as a table, floor and wall lamp and comes in gray, white and copper brown.

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Design Award winner 2017

When Yuh hit lamp retailers in 2017, it was a design revolution that in many ways broke design traditions as much as it respected them. Yuh, pronounced 'You,' features a beautiful rotatable shade and an incredibly clean and precise design that is sure to delight the viewer for years to come. The designer duo Gamfratesi and Louis Poulsen are behind the lamp.

See Yuh here!