Sustainable Design

Environmental friendliness and sustainability can come in many forms. Within lighting this is usually reflected in design, in the form of natural materials and recycling. These days we also use the term Sustainable Design, which means that the product has long-lasting design, which you can keep for many years – also known as timeless design.

But it is not only the design process where the environment has been taken into consideration; recycling, packaging, distribution and production are just a few examples of the areas where many companies choose to take environmentally responsible choices. If you wish to make environmentally friendly choice, we have gathered here many amazing lamps, that helps you to achieve sustainable decor.
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Responsibility towards nature

The global FSC-certification system for tree is widely supported in the lighting production. In FSC-forest no more wood is cut than it can produce. Same time FSC is a guarantee for animal and plants are protected and that the people who work in the forest are educated, get proper safety equipment and payment. Therefore, you can buy FSC-labeled lamp with good conscience.

Some of the most important things for the designer Tom Rossau are sustainability and responsibility to nature. Tom Rossau lamps are usually made out of birch veneers, that are made exclusively from suppliers that are FSC-certified and run sustainable forest. It has always been important for Tom Rossau to keep the production geographically close, but without compromising on the quality. According to Tom Rossau, there is no point to offer sustainable product, that could not hold long, and therefore should be changed after few years – thus, the promise of environmental friendliness would not be fulfilled.

Organic design in bamboo

David Trubridge has a pervasive passion and respect for nature, which led him to establish his design business, which today is dedicated in designing ecological and sustainable lamps. The primary material used for the David Trubridge lamps is bamboo. Bamboo itself is a sustainable material as it grows quickly, and can be easily processed and has a high durability. His designs are given full attention, when it comes to selection of raw materials, logistics and production. The lamps are also delivered unassembled in flat boxes, to reduce the impact on the environment.

The Grain Pendant from Muuto shows another way of using bamboo. To reduce the use of plastic, the Grain Pendant is designed in a sustainable blend of easy-to-process plastic and bamboo fibers. Fast growing bamboo gives the lamp beautiful textured surface, and also gives the material strength that can last for many years. Timeless design, that can last for many years, without that you get tired of looking at it.

Exquisite design with sustainable touch

Aesthetics, simplicity and functionality combined with thoughtful craftmanship and environmental care; The Danish company UMAGE, packs all their products in stylish and flat boxes, to optimize global logistics and reduce stock and transport costs, and at the same time to make their designs more accessible and affordable. They also make environmental responsible choices in relation to the materials. For example, the popular EOS lamp is made from natural goose feathers, which are left over from slaughter and would otherwise be thrown out or used for pillows. Every time Umage purchases feathers to their lamps, they always ensure full documentation that all conditions comply with EU regulations, in terms of cleaning, handling and slaughter of the geese. With a strong focus on the environment and animal welfare, you can buy your UMAGE lamp with good conscience.

The handmade Dome table lamp is produced in Denmark, its shade is made out of recycled aluminum and the base from steel by the company Mater. At Mater they see the opportunities in materials that others see as scrap. Therefore, when using aluminum in a design, they use recycled aluminum scrap, like parts of old car or bicycle wheel. In addition, they are constantly working to reduce their imprint on the environment by seeking targeted production partners that meet the environmentally friendly standards.
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