HAY Floor Lamps

HAY was established in 2002, with a mission to create furniture, where focus is on modern lifestyle and sophisticated industrial production. The company quickly achieved great success, and these days they are known worldwide for their Nordic design. In 2015 the company started a collaboration with Sebastian Wrong and created a successful collection Wrong for HAY, which consists of furniture, home accessories and, not least, lamps. However, the lighting part got so much attention, that it later got its own lighting brand Wrong.london.

Create light and style to your home with HAY floor lamp. With the light from these timeless lamps, you can draw attention to specific parts of your home. Place the floor lamps for example next to the couch or to your reading corner, for a comfortable but practical light. Pay especially attention to Marselis Floor Lamp, that is inspired by Danish street signs. The LED-light that comes from tiltable circular disc can be adjusted, so you can create both direct and indirect light. Fifty-Fifty Floor Lamp has gotten its name from the lamp’s counterbalance system, which makes it easy to rotate the arm the way you want.
Fifty-Fifty Floor Lamp is designed by Sam Wellers, who has clearly been inspired by his previous work with physics and engineering.
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