Ingo Maurer Table Lamps

Extraordinary lamps, fabulous lighting and imaginative furniture have emerged from Ingo Maurer since the mid-60s. Ingo’s own team as well as outside designers are responsible for these wonderful creations.

Table lamps from Ingo Maurer are like candy for the senses and force us to relate to lighting in a new way. Take, for example, the naughty Knot brothers, the charming Birdie’s Busch, and its cheeky cousin BiBiBiBi.

Ingo Maurer creates unique table lamps for those who want lighting with a strength, spirit and a blatant will to be distinctive beyond the usual.

The aesthetic is the central focus and though the years, Ingo Maurer has also worked closely with the photographers who have taken pictures of the lamps, showing that even the smallest details are not left to chance.

We are extremely pleased to carry these exciting lamps from Ingo Maurer in our webshop, and look forward to introducing them to even more customers.
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