Ingo Maurer Wall Lamps

Extraordinary lamps, fabulous concept lighting and imaginative furniture have emerged from Ingo Maurer’s studio since the mid-1960s.

The wall lamps from Ingo Maurer tease the senses and force us to relate to lighting in a new way - for example the Lucelino, the dry humor of Delight or the lamp world’s version of a zombie when Dead Bulb Alive starts up.

Ingo Maurer produces unique wall lamps for those who want lighting with spirit, attitude and a blatant desire to be unique and unusual.

Aesthetics are weighted highly and through the years Ingo Maurer has also worked closely with the photographers who have taken pictures of the lamps, demonstrating that even the smallest details are not left to chance.

We are extremely pleased to offer you these exciting lamps from Ingo Maurer.
Delight Wall Lamp - Ingo Maurer
Before EUR 231.00
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Light Au Lait Wall Lamp - Ingo Maurer
Before EUR 336.00
Back in stock on 27-12-2021
Lucellino Wall Lamp - Ingo Maurer
Before EUR 410.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
Holonzki Wall Lamp - Ingo Maurer
Before EUR 1,439.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
18 x 18 Wall Lamp 220V - Ingo Maurer
Before EUR 567.00
Expected in: 14 - 16 days
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