IP44.de Outdoor Lamps

The IP144.de outdoor lamps are known for their high quality and aesthetic design. Thanks to new technologies, the IP44.de lamps ensure outdoor lighting that lives up to our demands for functional lighting by the front door, in the garden, or along the driveway. The anodised finish helps protect the lamp against rust and ensures that the lamp has a durable surface capable of withstanding all sorts of adverse weather.

IP44.de offers a wide selection of outdoor lamps. Their range includes, but is by no means limited to IP44.de outdoor wall lamps that are easily mounted at the exact height and angle you need. The IP44.de recessed spots are perfect for terraces and garden paths if you don’t want visible lamps. If you do want visible lamps along your driveway, however, the IP44.de bollards , available in a range of elegant and minimalist designs, are perfect for the modern lifestyle.
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