Jake Dyson

Best known work:
CSYS Table lamp
CSYS Floor lamp
Motorlight Floor lampe


Jake Dyson grew up in England and is the son of vacuum-cleaner-inventor, James Dyson. Instead of throwing himself at a career in vacuum-design, he started designing lamps and established his own studio in 2004.

His first design was the Motorlight Floorlamp, which was a mechanical lamp, where you can control the beam of light using technology. He has also designed the CSYS lamps, which has a build-in cooling system, which makes the lightbulb last so much longer.

Jake Dyson continues to develop new and exciting design and pushing the borders for modern technology.
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Designer workplace lighting

You might associate Dyson with vacuum cleaners—specifically some of the best on the market. But Dyson are also known for their lighting solutions that are ideal for offices where solid work light is a must.

Dyson never compromise on quality, and for that reason, their products are popular amongst the elite when it comes to designer lighting solutions for offices around the world.
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