Jake Dyson Studio

At Jake Dyson, the process of designing lamps is controlled and monitored through testing to ensure the production of the best product possible.

The company designs lighting that meets the demands of the market. This is done by developing the products as well as the technology on which they run.

Jake Dyson Studio strives to combine designs and functionality in order to create iconic products, and the company never compromises when it comes to convictions and values.

Jake Dyson Studio strives to be straightforward and does everything in its power to make sure its customers are happy and satisfied.

The company’s design studio and workshop is located in Clerkenwell, London, in an old building that was home to a factory that specialised in electric and mechanic products in the Victorian era. The past is still on full display through the look of the building itself as well as through the old iron signs that still adorn the walls.

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