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The Brazilian lamp manufacturer Lumini is one of the best of its kind in South America. The company is especially known for its Bossa, Mini Bossa, Bossinha, and Super Bossa pendants.

The Bossa series was designed by Fernando Prado and has received numerous awards, including the coveted “Red Dot—Best of the Best—Award 2007”.
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More about Lumini lamps

For more than thirty years, Lumini has been at the forefront of lamp design in South America. Lumini is a Brazilian brand that specialises in light solutions designed by architects and light engineers. Although Brazil isn’t typically associated with lamp design, Lumini is a force to be reckoned with. The company’s philosophy is centred around the importance of light in our lives and it is thanks to this philosophy that the company has been dedicated to improving the quality of life of its customers for the past 35 years.

Over time, Lumini has received multiple awards for its unique and lovely lamps. Its Bauhaus collection has received the Design Excellence Brazil Award for best product of 2011.

Prizes and awards won by Lumini over the years include:
-MCB from the Museu da Casa Brasileira
-iF for Best Design in multiple categories
-iF gold – Best of the iF recipients
-Red Dot Award
-Good Design from the Chicaco Museum of Architecture & Design
-German Design Award from The German Design Council
-DESIGN PLUS from the Form und Leben
-IDEA USA from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
-IDEA Brasil
-Top XXI from ARCDesign magazine
-Ida (International Design Awards)
-Brazil Design Award
-Brazil Faz Design

The company’s assortment offers a range of interesting, elegant and unique lamps with elegant and stylish designs that are often equipped with a surprising element. These lamps are far from boring to look at and make for an amazing investment. Lumini offers timeless designs that never go out of fashion.

The company’s collections and products are centred around the concepts of design, simplicity and technology. Lumini emphasises technological development above all else, which is reflected in the standard to which their hold their pendants, standing lamps, table lamps and outdoor lighting solutions. Included in this product range is the popular Bauhaus collection designed by Fernando Prado. Bauhaus is a lovely lamp that can be rotated 360°, which makes it the perfect fit for your kitchen table or your work desk. This flexibility means that you can direct the light yourself, so it shines exactly where you need it. The Bauhaus lamp is available in black and white and is manufactured in metal.

The Bossa lamp from Lumini is an innovative and functional pendulum that offers multiple lamps in one. If you tug lightly on the lamp, you get the option to choose the shade’s position and thereby change the direction of the light. The beautiful pendulum is available in multiple sizes and colours—black, white, and special models in gold and silver.
The Bossinha lamp is incredibly graceful and lovely. It is a hugely innovative Brazilian product. Bossinha is available in black, white, grey, gold, and silver. This lamp casts a beautiful and comfortable light, creating the most stunning light effect.

Get clean lines with a touch of Brazil through the Lumini lamp collection.
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