Lyngsaa A/S is a Danish company that specialises in the sale of high-end design and industrial LED lighting.

Some of the company’s more well-known products are the lamp collections Svalen, Pax, and Spotline. These lamps are developed in the spirit of innovative design and new LED technology that casts a soft, white light.

More about Lyngsaa

Some of the company’s new and exciting projects are the restoration of Kongeskibet Danmark, the development of the Floodlight work lamp for maritime industrial lighting for ferries, cranes, and harbours, and complete LED lighting solutions for ferries and cruise ships such as Nordlys, Polarlys, Braemer, Vesterålen, Richard With, Seabourne Pride, Seabourne Spirit, Kong Harald and Bastø I, II & III. On top of this, the company has created repair kits for existing fixtures to make it easy for companies to switch to energy-efficient lighting solutions without sacrificing colour or strength. These kits make it easy to maintain the original design.

The company has also developed LED carport lighting solutions and redesigned solutions for Spar Nord Danmark. It has developed light fixtures for sweepers and other industrial machinery in partnership with Dan Sweep, as well as established an exciting partnership with Scanel International.

The company’s development department is always engaged in new and excited projects thanks to its partnerships with Danish and international companies. With regards to the future, Lyngsaa envisions developing into an even more important and trailblazing company for design and lighting over the next 3-5 years. The company wants to set new standards for lighting and export opportunities. The Lyngsaa organisation will undergo expansions to match technological progress, development and trends in order to master the services and demands of the market.