Mazo Pendants

The first collection by the Mazo brand was launched in spring 2019—alongside the launch of the brand itself. The collection named 16PLUS was originally designed in 1979 for an exhibition at the Danish Museum of Art & Design. Although it has more than 40 years to its name, the lamp is still a great fit for modern décor. The 16PLUS pendant is a simple pendant consisting of a bone china lampshade with a single hanger. The delicate china contributes to a comfortable glow that lights up its surroundings without blinding. Paired with a hanger of moulded oak, the lamp has a warm Nordic expression and the ability to contribute to the calm, relaxed atmosphere.

The collection is made in partnership with the original designer Snorre Læssøe Stephensen, who drew on the Japanese ceramic traditions for inspiration. His lamp fits seamlessly with Mazo’s mission to create timeless design that is still relevant 50 years down the line. Their collections are designed to stand the test of time—to adorn the homes of generations to come.
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