Mazo Table Lamps

The Danish design brand Mazo presented their first lighting collection in spring 2019—at the same time that the brand as a whole was launched. Their focus is on creating timeless design, not just in terms of lighting but also furniture. Their collections are based on iconic international classics of design, not to mention the hidden pearls that were originally only made in small batches. Inspired by Nordic materials and Japanese ceramic traditions, their collection is made from simple elegant bone china, paired with robust moulded oak.

The same goes for their 16PLUS table lamp from the collection by the same name. The curved wood is the perfect match for the delicate porcelain lampshade that both lets the light through and shields the eyes from the blinding light. The 16PLUS was originally designed in 1979 in connection with an exhibit at Design Museum Denmark. In spite of its age, the design is still the ideal addition to modern décor that continues to gravitate towards the atmospheric light and materials from nature.
16PLUS Table Lampe White - Mazo
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