Down-to-earth news from &tradition

19 June 2019
Down-to-earth news from &tradition
Throughout 2019, we’ve been seeing more and more earthy colours in interior design. The trend is heading towards a warmer, cosier, and more inviting style of interior design, and moving away from cold rooms with neutral colours. On top of that, we’re incorporating nature into our interiors. &tradition has launched a series of new products to meet the demands of these new trends.

From the Bellevue lamp collection by Arne Jacobsen, the classic and elegant Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp is making a comeback in three new colours: copper brown, olive brown, and dusty blue, all of which are perfectly suited for the earthy home. All three come with a flexible brass neck to give the room a sense of warmth without breaking the Nordic style.

Setago JH27 is a portable and mushroom-shaped table lamp that encourages the user to carry it around, illuminating whichever space needs a dash of cosy lighting. Just like the shape itself, the colours are inspired by nature: dark blue/sand, rusty brown/green, and light brown/forest green. Once again, the perfect fit for the Nordic style.

A more elegant launch is the new Blown SW6 Table Lamp. The handblown glass lampshade is inspired by the berries and seeds of nature – raspberries in particular. With a black marble base, the lamp exudes quality, and once again, nature has been flawlessly incorporated.

As a gorgeous contrast to the earthy colours is the P376 Pendant in white and aluminium. The classic design supports the cosy and inviting atmosphere by casting its downward-facing intimate light onto the dining table.

Four amazing news from &tradition, all of which work towards securing the relaxed atmosphere and Nordic style that continues to take the world by storm.

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