Anglepoise – Practical New Products

17 October 2019
Anglepoise – Practical New Products
Say hello to the industrial and incredibly practical lamps from Anglepoise. The British brand are best known for their classic architect lamp, but over time, they have proven that they have more to offer.

The classic architect lamp has been seen in various versions throughout its lifetime. The Anglepoise Original 1227 table lamp, was the first lamp to be designed using the spring that had been invented by the founder of Anglepoise: the mechanical engineer George Carwardine. After having thought up the new science behind the spring, he discovered that it could be used to support a swinging arm, which could easily be adjusted without losing its position – and that became the foundation for the architect lamp that we know and love.

The design for the lamp has been further developed over time, inspiring the entire Original 1227 collection, comprising a pendant, floor lamp, wall lamp, and different versions of the table lamp.

Use Anglepoise for all décor purposes

If you regularly work or study at a desk or work table, you need a good work light. If you gravitate towards the classic table lamp, there is a selection of practical solutions to choose from – one with a base fitted with a clamp to place on the edge of your table, or one with a cover that allows you to mount it on the table.

The Anglepoise lamps are fit for more than just your workspace – you can use them all over your home. Choose from pendants in three different sizes to hang above your dining or kitchen table. A floor lamp with the flexible arm to shine the light in the desired direction, making it perfect for use as a reading light in your living room. Or the wall lamp – either in a simple version or an edition equipped with a swinging arm, which is especially good for use by elevation beds, where you can pull it out from the wall.

The timeless design has maintained the characteristic shape and amazing functionality, even though it has almost 80 years to its name. At the same time, the simple lamp has been given a modern touch in the form of new colours and fine-tuning of small details. Perfect for the Scandinavian style, where it contributes an exclusive look and amazing light.

See the beautiful selection of Anglepoise lamps here.