NEW PRODUCT - Caleo TV Pendant – It’s here!

11 October 2019
NEW PRODUCT - Caleo TV Pendant – It’s here!
An elegant and exclusive product to light up the autumn dark: the Caleo TV Pendant from renowned LE KLINT. Designed by Rikke Frost, who Danish clients might recognise from the DR1 show, Denmark’s Next Classic. The show sees five talented designers tasked with designing a classic in five different categories. These categories include sofas and lamps, and the designer Rikke Frost from Aarhus won both of these.

At the end of the programme, LE KLINT decided to start manufacturing Frost’s lamp and expand the collection to include two smaller pendants. The lamp is made in such a way as to fit into their classic collection while contributing something new. It is a new interpretation of the famous folding technique, paired with origami – its expression is at once classic and modern, making it the perfect addition to the LE KLINT family where Danish design and craftsmanship are always in focus.

The lampshade is made from folded paper with a metal suspension. The light source is hidden inside the spherical lampshade, creating an amazing, diffuse light whenever the lamp is on. This ensures a light and elegant expression when the lamp is suspended from the ceiling. It is the perfect fit for mounting above your dining table, where it illuminates the table and doubles as a decorative element – even when it’s off.

The pendant is named ‘Caleo’ after the Latin word for ‘highlights’. This is, of course, a reference to the brown lines hat highlight the pleating.

The two smaller pendants in the Caleo family have the same pattern and lines while the suspension and direction of the pattern are both reminiscent of the LE KLINT lamps we know and love. Each lamp has its own shape, yet there is a clear element tying them all together, ensuring that they work well on their own as well as in clusters.

You can find Caleo Small, Caleo Medium, and Caleo TV Pendant here.