New brand in the shop - HAY

4 December 2019
New brand in the shop - HAY
The Danish design brand HAY has had great success in the furniture design market ever since the company was established in 2002. In 2015 the range was expanded with collection, that in addition to the furniture, also included home accessories and lamps. Collection called Wrong for HAY was created in collaboration with Sebastian Wrong, and especially the lighting part received a lot of attention.

As a result of the success, Sebastian Wrong together with HAY has nowadays a lighting brand called, which is 100 % dedicated to lighting products.

HAY has a large selection of beautiful and inspiring lamps for every room. Their selection consists of table lamps, floor lamps, pendants and wall lamps, in the brand’s minimalistic Nordic design. You can really feel the eye-catching design in connection with their lamps, where the innovative approach creates exciting lighting with focus on functionality and quality.

If you are looking for a pendant that suits well over dining table or coffee table - the Sinker Pendant is then the perfect choice. The lamp’s diffuse light gives a warm and cozy atmosphere around the focal point, with its stylish and minimalistic design. If instead you are looking for cozy lighting for on top of the chest of drawers or bedside table, then Turn On Table Lamp is something for you. The aluminum cylindrical base provides an intriguing contrast to the spherical round shade in opal glass. It also functions as the on/off button when you rotate the entire base - design meets function in an innovative and decorative table lamp.

See the whole selection of HAY lamps from here.