NEW PRODUCT - The PH5 in three authentic new shades

2 September 2020
NEW PRODUCT - The PH5 in three authentic new shades
As an addition to the PH5 collection, the pendant is now available in three new colours: matte black, white, or a fresh blue. The new monochrome shades give the classic PH5 lamp a more authentic look—a look that fits perfectly into the trend that décor shouldn’t just be beautiful, it should tell a story and inspire emotion. It also puts increased focus on functionality, making the downlight and non-blind effect of this lamp perfect for lighting up a coffee or dining table.  

The PH5 – extraordinary lamp design by Poul Henningsen
In the early 1920s, the electric light had taken hold of private homes. Danish designer, architect, and author Poul Henningsen wasn’t satisfied with this new kind of light that, in his opinion, created an impossible light. If it wasn’t too bright, the lampshade swallowed most of the light. In response, he created the first PH lamp, which hid the light source while reflecting its light onto its surroundings.

The lamp became a huge success, but due to the constant changes in the shape and size of light sources, he sat down to develop a lamp that would work with the new bulbs. The result was the PH5 lamp, named after its 50 cm diameter. It became a huge success and is now available in various colours. It was launched in a smaller version with a 30 cm diameter in 2017 under the name PH5 Mini.

Find the PH5 and PH5 Mini pendants here, in the new monochrome shades.