MUUTO Rime Wall Lamp – the light of the North in shapes of nature

19 January 2021
MUUTO Rime Wall Lamp – the light of the North in shapes of nature
Muuto is launching the lovely Rime wall lamp—a new take on the Rime pendant with its classic, elegant, and modern expression.

The warm and comfortable light shines through the semi-transparent glass sphere. The lamp captures the unique shades of the Nordic morning light reflected in the early morning rime. Nordic nature also played an inspirational hand in the shaping of the lamp. The blown opal dome hangs from the strong arm like the ripe acorn from a fresh branch. Once again, the Danish brand Muuto—named after the Finnish for “new perspective”—once again lives up to its name, ushering in a gorgeous new perspective of Danish minimalism. By mixing the natural and organic with the synthetic, the brand creates a unique expression that seems familiar yet shiny and new.

The glass is sandblasted, while the arm has an aluminium coating. This combination ensures a refined expression and the distinct Scandinavian look. The simple and elegant lines unequivocally signal trust in the solid functionality and timeless design. Furthermore, the light is dimmable, so the lamp is perfect for all situations, whether it’s a cosy night in the living room or a family dinner in the kitchen. No matter where you place the wall lamp, it exudes Nordic style and Scandinavian elegance, just like the Rime pendant.

The lamp is available in a range of exciting colours, all of which capture an aspect of nature’s riches. From the lively oranges of a warm summers to the cool and stylish white of winter. The lovely glass dome defies gravity and enriches the room with its gentle Northern light. If you want a strong Scandinavian expression guaranteed to impress, Muuto is worth checking out, and the Rime wall lamp is an obvious choice.

Enjoy the Rime wall lamp or pendant in all the beautiful colours and exciting sizes right here