Muuto and designer Tom Chung creates new perspectives - Find the quirky Piton table lamps here

25 July 2022
Muuto and designer Tom Chung creates new perspectives - Find the quirky Piton table lamps here
Mobility, durability, and lightness. Those are the principles that designer Tom Chung uses in his committed design process, where he is focused on improving the objects that frame our indoor environments. Considering this approach, it comes as no surprise that the Canadian designer has chosen to collaborate with the designer brand Muuto, characterised by its aesthetic, functional, and honest high-quality designs created through exquisite artisanry.

Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and focused on the future, which is reflected in the brand’s name—Finnish for ‘new perspectives’. In collaboration with carefully selected contemporary designers, the brand interprets its design philosophy and pairs the designers’ talents with Muuto’s creative in-house team, and the results represent the best that Scandinavian design has to offer. Together, they develop Muuto’s cultural legacy through the use of innovative materials, techniques, and a bold, creative approach that generates new perspectives on Scandinavian design.

Tom Chung is an independent designer with a studio in Canada, who focuses on industrial objects and indoor spaces. Chung’s interest in design is driven by the human perception of space, and he creates contemporary industrial designs that combine aspects of modern culture and local industry. He focuses on the performance of the products, all of which are fit for homely, industrial, and public environments alike.

Through his collaboration with Muuto, Chung has created an unconventional battery-powered portable table lamp, the shape and functionality of which clearly hearkens back to a typical torch or flashlight. The table lamp is made using refined anodised aluminium, and it is available in two colours, both of which highlight the lamp’s elegant shape and clear functionality, inspired by the tools one would use in mountain climbing. Piton is a versatile light source that can be placed lying down on the windowsill, tilted on the shelf, and standing in the hallway. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to this design, and you can even use it outdoors, as it has an IP54 rating, which makes it fit to withstand dust and water.

Thanks to its versatility, you do not need to settle on a single spot for the lamp. You can move it around indoors and outdoors as you see fit, so the good, comfortable, ambient light is always right where you need it. On a full charge, the lamp shines for around 6 hours at 100% brightness and 13.5 hours on 50% brightness, allowing you to choose your own lighting and atmosphere. Piton is a remarkable and decorative light source that illuminates the room in more than one way, and it is guaranteed to command the attention of your guests whether it is on or not.

Find the unique Piton portable table lamps here