Munk Collective

Munk Collective is a modern designer collective.
The Munk Collective as we know it today took its first steps in 2012, when Hans Peter Munk opened a small interior design and furniture shop in the heart of Copenhagen.
A unique shop that quickly grew in popularity – but that wasn’t enough for the dreamer.

Hans Peter Munk dreamt of creating a community of designers from all over the world, and thanks to his knowledge of the industry, it wasn’t long before the little shop was manufacturing and selling products. But that was just the beginning…
Munk Collective is a modern collective for designers and architects from all over the world.

Hans Peter Munk is the beating heart of the collective, and he’s the one calling the shots when it comes to selecting designers and designs. As the decision-maker, he controls the direction and overall aesthetic of the Munk Collective brand.

At Munk Collective, everyone is welcome to pitch ideas. If a pitch is successful, the product is guaranteed to reach retailers in no time at all.

In a modern collective, the road from idea to execution is short and sweet.

The primary focus is on the collective and the positivity that comes from working with passionate people from all over the world and who, at the end of the day, are colleagues who give and take as members of the community. It is teamwork centred on a shared goal of pushing boundaries and impacting trends.

Munk Collective might be based in the Danish capital, but they don’t view themselves as a Scandinavian brand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Seoul or Stockholm, Cape Town or Copenhagen—as long as your ideas are great and fit into the overall aesthetic.

At Munk Collective, they love when new designers pop in and share their dreams and ideas.
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