The brand is named Nude because the majority of its products are manufactured using glass. The material is simple – just like Nude’s design. With its simple expression, a result of the combination of materials and design, Nude seemed like an obvious choice for a name. The choice to use glass as the material is what makes the design of Nude lamps so clean and stylish.

Nude is distributed by the Danish company ROAM. The selection of products on offer through ROAM break the sense of tradition and make room for authenticity and new ideas. Curiosity is the driving force behind ROAM’s approach to design and that’s the very reason their collections are so unique.

The glass lamps from the Nude collection are the result of ROAM’s curiosity and untraditional approach to choices of design and materials.
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Contrasting glass lamps that break tradition

When the brand puts together its lamp collection, it puts contrasts in focus. For Nude, creating the right clean design is a matter of paving new roads and finding the balance between two contrasts. For example, there are two materials – simple glass and the stronger cement or copper.

Passion for the unknown – a copper lamp brought to Denmark

Nude’s Danish distributor ROAM makes a point of paving new paths to ensure that the brand veers away from traditional and common ideas. ROAM chooses to seek out the unknown when it comes to composition of materials, innovation, and good design. This means that ROAM searches the world for lamp designs that fit their purpose. These searches bring innovative and inspiring lamps to Denmark – the large smoke and copper Mono pendant from Nude is one of many examples. This is truly a lamp that emphasises the contrast between copper and smoked glass in a stylish and clean design.
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