Louis Poulsen is re-launching iconic lamps in new colours and materials

31 October 2018

In 1958, the Danish light expert Poul Henningsen redefined modern lighting with PH 5, Artichoke and Snowball. These iconic pendants do more than just represent Poul Henningsen’s thirty-year project of creating the good light: they set new standards for lamp design. The revolutionary multi-shade design combined the intelligent function of the pendants with a unique and ultimate expression of form. The lamps are known and loved across the globe.

This year marks six decades since Poul Henningsen created the iconic pendants and that is cause for celebration! For that occasion, Louis Poulsen launched PH 5 and Artichoke in new, modern versions in the autumn of 2018. PH 5 has been updated with a copper lampshade whereas Artichoke will be available in a brass edition, complete with engraving. Experience the classic pendants in new materials here.

The floating modern Enigma has been given a makeover. Until this point, the lamp was only available in white, but it is now available in black as well. Buy the amazing pendant here.

Read more about the iconic new products from Louis Poulsen here – and experience the exciting colours and materials for yourself!