Ole Jensen

Born: 1958
Best-known work: OJ series from Loius Poulsen
Training: Ceramicist and auto mechanic            

Ole Jensen was practically raised at a gas station, so it was natural for him was to study to be a mechanic. He was very interested in design and art, so after he finished his mechanic training he applied to the Art and Craft School in Kolding, were he was accepted in 1981.

Ole Jensen’s greatest interest was clay, and he has made many beautiful sculptures.

After he finished his education in Kolding, he applied to the Danish Art Academy, where he studied from 1985 to 1989. At the same time, he started a collaboration with Danish brand Royal Copenhagen. Today he still makes most of his design in clay before they are made in their final material.

In collaboration with Danish brand Louis Poulsen he designed the OJ lamp series, which consists of a table, floor and wall lamp.

Over the years he has received a great number of design awards and his work is shown in many of Europe’s leading museums.
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