For more than 25 years, OLIGO LICHTTECHNIK GmbH has been known for its innovative light fixtures and solutions for homes and design projects around the world.

The company’s philosophy is to “feel the light”—and this is reflected in every single product and design Oligo has released over the years.
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More about Oligo lamps

Oligo offers a complete symbiosis of functional practicality, timelessness and attention to detail. The company’s philosophy has been at the core of operations since it was founded in 1987; over time, Oligo has grown into a major player on the lighting solutions scene, now employing more than 200 employees and boasting a worldwide marketing campaign.

One of the most prominent Oligo traits is that quality, development, and manufacturing is all “Made in Germany”, which is clearly reflected in the sophisticated designs and high quality of the company’s products. The fusion of these qualities is the core value of the company’s products and it is what makes them unique. Oligo has been showered with international awards for design and innovation through the years.

Development and adaptation of new technologies helps ensure that all Oligo products are state-of-the-art technology that will continue to bring joy for years to come.

In order to maintain its impeccable reputation, Oligo subjects its lamps to strict quality control and all lamps come equipped with the relevant test certificates. Oligo manufactures unique lighting fixtures for living rooms and have won multiple awards for their tailored concepts. Oligo is a brand that is truly passionate about its craftsmanship and reliable quality. The masterminds behind the company design, create, and manufacture all their products in Germany, where standards for quality are remarkably strict.

The Oligo range is characterised by its technological values and its creativity. Amongst other products, the range includes the Kelveen pendant. Kelveen can be rotated so you have complete control over the direction of the light. The square look of the lamp, paired with its soft edges, makes it stand out. Kelveen is only available in white.

The unique and popular Mademoiselle Filou works as a suspended as well as a mounted lamp. The lamp is carried out in an extravagant style inspired by blow-flies. Mademoiselle Filou is a unique lamp that’s bound the catch the eyes of anyone and everyone. If you’re the kind who cares about technological skill and quality when it comes to the lamps in your home, Oligo is definitely a brand worth checking out.