Plumen’s philosophy is centred around creating lovely and efficient light bulbs to inspire to world to transition to more sustainable lighting solutions.

Based on this philosophy, the company developed the CFL bulb, which has facilitated the creation of bulbs that are decorative as well as energy-efficient.

Plumen products are simple and offer endless opportunities to express your unique style.
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More about Plumen bulbs

At the beginning, Plumen specialised in manufacturing the traditional light bulb that had barely seen any new developments for 150 years. The industry was in dire need of a bulb that would make people enthusiastic about sustainability—and so Plumen decided to make one.

The company has always been serious about light design that offers a lovely outward appearance that doesn’t compromise durability and sustainability internally. Plumen bulbs last at least 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, whilst using 80% less energy.

In this way, the company has succeeded in inspiring people to look into new and efficient technologies that don’t compromise style and beauty.