Schottlander Table Lamps

Table lamps from Schottlander are delivered with free bulbs included.

Bernard Schottlander was born in Mainz, Germany in 1924 and moved to England in 1939. After serving with the British Army in India, he learned welding techniques and then took courses at Leeds College of Art, followed by a scholarship to the Anglo-French Art Centre in St John's Wood, London.

Schottlander admired the sculptor Alexander Calder, and Calder’s work inspired the Mantis lamp series of 1951. Movement is woven deeply into everything Schottlander created: as an artist, an engineer and not least a handyman, he conceived a smart system of counterbalances that was combined with a series of strong, flexible metal bars.

Light’s eternal play between balance and imbalance reveals some of the secrets behind what we mean by "solid form" and "empty". And just like Calder’s kinetic sculptures, the Mantis lamps appear as if they were defying gravity. The essence of the objects’ of poetry is an invitation to enter a dream world of thoughtfully balanced elegance.
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