Seslef lighting design helps change the way we look at light. The company’s trademark is its raw yet soft designs that are inviting to all. Seslef’s design philosophy is characterised by its prioritising of a timeless aesthetic that comes together in each of the company’s unique and sustainable designs. Seslef is a Danish brand with Danish values.
Pagode LED Bollard - Seslef
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More about Seslef outdoor lamps

The Seslef lamp range includes the ever-popular Pagode lamp series. Pagode has taken inspiration from Japan and the outdoor lamps help create a unique experience that illuminates your driveway, terrace or house. They blend seamlessly into nature.

The outdoor lamps producs a warm light that feels inviting to passers-by. Pagode is known for its simple style and clean edges and the collection lends itself remarkably well to Scandinavian homes. The collection comprises bollards and mounted lamps.

Another distinctive Seslef product is the gorgeous, modern outdoor lamp named Fakkel. The Fakkel collection was inspired by old torches. This outdoor lamp offers a beautiful, raw design built to match all exteriors. The lamp is equipped with an LED module to ensure the lowest possible energy consumption, as well as the longest possible lifespan. The Fakkel outdoor collection comprises bollards and mounted lamps, so you can decorate the façade of your house and your driveway however you see fit. This lovely torch lamp can be equipped with either LED lights or oil burners, depending on your preference.

Another outdoor lamp designed by Seslef to create a calm and inviting atmosphere is SD1. This simple, round lamp is available as an elegant bollard for your home. The SD1 outdoor lamp is beautiful and suits almost all surroundings.
Seslef offers such a range of products that you should have no problem finding the right lamp for your house or your driveway.
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