Shade is a Danish company that focuses on functional and versatile lighting. Their mission is to change the way we interact with and control our home lighting using the newest technology available.

In the winter, Denmark has fewer hours of daylight that many other countries. Maybe that is the reason why we have a long and proud tradition of designing and optimising our home lighting. Shade has run with this tradition and combined it with new technologies. They work in accordance with the philosophy of allowing yourself to be inspired by the natural cycle of the sun and seeking out the obvious.

The user must have full control, allowing them to adjust the light to suit their everyday needs. This aim is clearly reflected in their ØS1 collection consisting of pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps that allow you to adjust the strength, direction, and colour of the light. It was developed in collaboration with the renowned Øivind Slaatto. The lamps are easy to adjust using the Shade Switch included or the app available for smartphones.

Shade strives to create versatile and flexible lighting that works optimally under any and all conditions. They call it ”Better Light – Better Living”.
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