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Studio Italia Design has been a high-end designer and manufacturer of modern lighting solutions since the early 1950s. From its headquarters in Venice, the company has worked steadily towards raising the standard for quality and design, all the while working hard to boost the meaning of the prestigious label ‘Made in Italy’.

The company works exclusively with the best materials available, such as hand-blown glass shades from Murano, which are combined with stainless steel, bras, and aluminium in a range of interesting high-quality lighting solutions with interesting finishes.
Kelly SO1 Pendant ø50 Black - Lodes
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Rain Pendant 2700k Black - Lodes
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Rain Pendant 2700k Bronze - Lodes
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Rain Pendant 2700k Gold - Lodes
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Random Pendant Chrome - Lodes
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Studio Italia designer lamps

Studio Italia has been one of the leading brands in modern lighting solutions since its establishment in the 1950s. The company draws on its Italian origins for inspiration and the high quality of its products can be traced back to this inspiration as well. The Italian brand has a clear sense of aesthetics and take great pride in designing amazing and unique products suited for homes all over the world.

Studio Italia Design works continually to develop tailored solutions based on a combination of quality, shape, functionality and state-of-the-art technology. These skills, in combination with a focus on alternative solutions, form the base of the company’s operations, and the cherry on top is the partnership with famous architects, engineers, and designers.

One of Studio Italia Design’s hippest lamps to date is the Kelly pendant lamp, which creates an interesting light effect thanks to the numerous nuances that spring from its bulb. The Kelly pendant lamp is perfect for any room, be it the hall or the living room. Kelly is a timeless, unique, and elegant lamp available in Ø50 and Ø80. The lamp is also available in a range of colours, namely bronze, white, black and copper.

Studio Italia offers a range of unique lighting solutions such as pendant, mounted, standing, and table lamps available in a range of sizes. Another unique lamp in the company’s collection is the Nostalgia pendant lamp. Nostalgia is available in a retro shape with modern lines. The elegant lamp is equipped with advanced light technology and a hand-blown design that results in an off-balance product. The lamp has an amazing finish that makes it perfect for display above your dining table. Nostalgia is available in chrome, gold, crystal and rose gold.

Studio Italia Design also offers a lamp similar to Nostalgia, named Skyfall. This lamp has a soft and unique expression that works in any room. Skyfall is made from hand-blown glass using the newest available technology. This beautiful lamp is available in crystal, copper, chrome, and rose gold. It is another Studio Italia Design statement piece, designed to perfection and sporting a lovely finish. If you’re missing a new statement piece for your home, have a look through the amazing Studio Italia Design collection.

Studio Italia exports products to more than 90 countries and continues to work on expanding its market reach.
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