Trends for Spring 2018 – Focus on Table Lamps

There’s no doubt that brass, marble, and concrete are ‘in’ and for that reason, we’ve found nine popular table lamps trending right now. Brass and marble are incredibly good fits for all shapes in grey nuances and that’s why there’s a tendency for people to have grey walls. Kabe walls provide a raw concrete look, but even a completely normal painted wall can change the entire expression of your home. Grey and marble creates a cool look so if you want something a bit warmer, go for brass.  Regardless of whether you’re more of a marble or brass person, you can match the lamps with soft fabrics for your couches and pillows, like wool and velvet, or any kind of candelabra, regardless of whether you like Kubus, Nur, or Etch.

Last, but not least, it’s important to have amazing table lamps! Regardless of whether you need mood lighting or a strong work light, you can find a selection of trends of the season here, to suit every need and taste. Put one on your sideboard, in your windowsill or on the table by the armchair. It’ll create a lovely, cosy atmosphere in your home, giving your interior design exactly what it needs.

Find your favourite here
1. Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp Polished Brass - &tradition
Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp in Polished Brass is inspired by the Flower Power revolution of the 60s and 70s. Flowerpot VP3 is a beautiful table lamp with shade and base in the same colour to help add stylish and modern lighting to your home. With its spherical forms, Flowerpot is a classical and beautiful example of design that will undoubtedly continue to be popular. See the Flowerpot assortment here if you love this classic lamp as much as we do.

2. Amp Table Lamp White/White – Normann
The Amp Table Lamp is a lovely and decorative lamp that creates a wonderful light and offers plenty of opportunities to play with light sources to create different expressions. The new options offered by the decorative LED bulbs with filaments means that you can have a lovely lamp without compromising on energy-efficient lighting, which is a win-win! With a height of 26.5cm, Amp is a versatile table lamp that can be placed wherever you want to incorporate a decorative or atmospheric.

3. Bristol Table Lamp Concrete – Frandsen
The Bristol Table Lamp is a beautiful, modern, and decorative lamp from Frandsen. It creates a lovely light and an aesthetic light source. The lamp is on the list of trends of the season thanks to its choice of popular materials and shapes – and at a price of DKK 349, it is truly a unique and popular lamp that everyone can benefit from.
Bristol is made from concrete, which creates a raw expression, but it is also available in white marble, copper, or brass, if you want a unique expression.

4. IC T1 Table Lamp Low Brass – Flos
The IC T1 Table Lamp in brass balances simplicity and elegance with shape and functionality. The simple balls of light rest on a thin metal rod, which creates a unique sculptural expression without compromising simplicity and a light design that makes it possible for the lamp to fit a range of different styles of décor.

5. JWDA Concrete Table Lamp Light Grey/Brass – Menu
The lovely and simple JWDA table lamp in concrete was designed using inspiration from oil lamps and created using simple materials – namely glass and concrete. The choice of material makes the lamp delicate and raw, which secures its space on the list of trends of the season. Its 17 cm diameter makes the lamp perfectly suited for display in different places, right from your bedroom or your sideboard to your window sill – pretty much any place that you could possibly need a beautiful lamp with a comfortable light.

7. Copycat Table Lamp Gold – Flos
Copycat Gold from Flos is another example of a popular table lamp and its popularity is altogether unsurprising when you consider its lovely and elegant design.The design of the lamp is quite unique, but we love that it stands out from the crowd. Why not have a beautiful and artistic glowing ball lying around? It’s bound to attract more attention than any traditional lamp ever could. If you prefer a touch of chrome, copper, or black, Copycat might still be the right choice for you. Browse the collection here.

8. Karl-Johan Table Lamp Black Marquina – New Works
As the name implies, the name of the Karl-Johan table lamp comes from the organic shape of a mushroom. This is exactly where the lamp’s calm and soft design has come from. An amazingly beautiful lamp to suit every home. With its dark marble base and bright smoky glass, this is a lamp that suits the trends of the season perfectly – at least in terms of shape and colour. The New Works brand makes a lot of marble products and use a lot of other exciting materials like cork and concrete, so if you’d like any of those elements in your interior design, you can browse the collection here.

9. Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp Light Matte Grey - &tradition
Our last example of the trend of the season is VP3 in a light matte grey. There’s no doubt that this lamp is incredibly popular, as you’ll see it pop up in homes all over the world. VP3 is a popular lamp in general, but this exact colour scheme is incredibly popular because grey shades are in right now, especially because so many people have become fans of the Nordic style in recent years. Flowerpot will never go out of style, so the light matte grey version is a safe choice for anyone, as it fits any décor.  If you would prefer another model, you can browse the Flowerpot VP3 selection here.