Wallpipe is a raw, minimalist, not to mention sustainable choice that brings personality and identity into your décor. The handmade lamps are created using repurposed water pipes with new life breathed into them. There are three things that matter to Wallpipe when it comes to new products—climate, sustainability, and Danish suppliers. When you buy a product from Wallpipe, you receive something completely unique. The owner Lisbeth Grove Mikkelsen truly made it when she participated in Denmark’s version of Dragons’ Den. Her idea started as a creative DIY lamp project that turned into a business, and she also offers table lamps, pendants, and candlesticks.

The repurposed water pipes have their own past and history that contribute to the individual patina on each component. In other words, no two lamps are identical. The lamp is the perfect fit for modern décor that’s focused on sustainability, personal style, and unique design.

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Wallpipe lamps – creative DIY project turned business

Lisbeth Grove Mikkelsen had just moved into her house and didn’t have the money to buy the lamps of her dreams. When her son asked her, “Muuum, what’s for dinner?” for the third time in a week because there was no light to light up the dining table, Lisbeth decided to make her own lamps.

Inspired by a home improvement show, she started making two wall lamps from some old water pipes she had lying around. She put one up in their home and used the other in connection with a school project. Over the course of six days, she and her fellow students were tasked with growing an investment of 500 kroner, and it didn’t take them long to put the lamp up for sale on Facebook. On the first day, they sold 10 products, and the following day, they sold another 5. To Lisbeth’s surprise, they received an order for 65 lamps for a hotel renovation in Århus – and that’s how Wallpipe came to be.
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