Watt A Lamp

Watt A Lamp is named after the Scottish engineer James Watt (1736-1819), who was instrumental in the spread of electric lighting in the 19th century.

Watt A Lamp is fascinated with light, and their mission is to create high-quality lighting with the newest technology.
Radio Pendant ø28 - Watt A Lamp
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Radio Pendant ø44 - Watt A Lamp
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Lamps from Watt A Lamp

Watt A Lamp’s products are born out of their desire to illuminate our homes for many years to come. They are functional, but at the same time they have an artistic feel with a love of slightly off-beat details. These qualities make lighting from Watt A Lamp both practical and charming.

Watt A Lamp’s first collection was created by established Danish designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund, but their group of collaborators has expanded to include other designers hand-picked because of their similar attitudes towards design. They all have a high level of technical understanding and a strong visual language, and they love to play and experiment in the process of creating new and exciting objects.
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