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The cute little animals from Zoolight are designed by Ramin Razina and further developed by Claudio Santambrogio, owner of Intermezzo. The Zoolight concept is to develop designer lamps for children’s rooms. These lamps are child-friendly and created in a lovely, innovative design. Having a Zoolight is almost like having a zoo in your child’s room.

Claudio from Intermezzo started importing the lamps in 1999 and has helped Happylight develop into the company it is today. Minizoolight hit the market in 2011. These lamps are fitted with light diodes that change between seven different colours, which is a great feature for children who love being able to change the colour of their light.
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More about Zoolight children’s lamps

Zoolight offers a wide range of children’s lamps that attract attention thanks to their cute appearances. The lamps have found their way into nurseries and children’s rooms around Denmark and the rest of the world. Zoolight helps bring life and happiness into your child’s room—they offer a great way to bring something unique and entertaining into their lives.

Zoolight’s product range is growing steadily and currently includes pendants, mounted lamps, and table lamps, all with exceptionally cute designs. These cute children’s lamps are fantastic additions to any child’s bedroom.

The Zoolight Elephant

In Denmark, the elephant is one of the most popular Zoolight lamps. The elephant is equipped with two light functions—daylight and nightlight. On top of that, the lamp is childproofed. The lamp is fitted with an LED light source, which means that its light is soft and comfortable. It is available in two different sizes to ensure that it fits into any child’s room.

Is your child’s room missing a distinctive touch? If your child has a favourite animal, we can only recommend that you browse the Zoolight collection to see if we offer a lamp that would bring your child’s favourite animal into their bedroom.

The lamps are intended to be as child-friendly as possible, which of course means that safety is a priority. They are produced using soft plastic, which is difficult to break. On top of this, all Zoolight table lamps—and most mounted lamps—are fitted with LED light sources to ensure that the lamp never gets too hot.
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