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The family-owned design firm By Rydéns is one of the leading lamp manufacturers in Sweden. It has been headquartered in Gnosjö since its establishment in 1958 and has since expanded to Hong Kong and Guangdong, as it delivers lamps to consumers all over the world. Run by their desire to be reliable, passionate, and professional, they sell lighting solutions for private residences and public spaces across a variety of markets.

By Rydéns offers lamps to suit all tastes – from the timeless and minimalist products to more flamboyant and modern lamps. Inspired by the trends and demands of our time, the firm always stocks modern lamps suited for the Scandinavian style of décor. Their collection clearly showcases that quality and artisanship are always in focus, and regardless of whether you are on the lookout for pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, or ceiling lamps, you can craft a personal and different style of interior design at home using lamps By Rydéns.
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Popular Lamps from By Rydéns

By Rydéns lamps allow you to craft a unique and exciting style of interior design. The goal for the firm is to create an expression and an impression that leave a mark on our daily décor, which is clear to see when it comes to their Gross Pendant. The lovely lamp consists of handblown glass spheres assembled in a large cluster. The number of glass spheres varies depending on the pendant’s size. Regardless of which size you choose, you are guaranteed an elegant solution with a feminine expression and a comfortable glow.

In terms of practical and functional lighting, we have the industrial Bazar collection. The unique and incredibly popular collection consists of simple pendants and wall lamps with minimalist designs. With the lamps on the wall, you can adjust the arm and the lampshade so the light always shines in whichever direction you please. The white surface of the inside of the lampshade reflects the light, ensuring that you get as much out of the lamp as possible without being blinded.

The Captain floor lamp is an incredible lamp that you might recognise from Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The stylish, black metal lamp has a lampshade which is matt gold on the inside, creating a comfortable glow. The distinct lampshade can be adjusted so the light shines wherever you need it. Mounted on a simple stand consisting of three small legs, the lamp has a thoroughly industrial expression.

A combination of the feminine, elegant look and the masculine, industrial expression can be found in the Random Pendant, which is available in both chrome and brass. The decorative lamp fits 8 light sources and invites you to mix and match the sizes of the bulbs to craft a creative, personal look.
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