Darø Lamps

Darø Belysning A/S sums their attitude towards lighting up as follows:

Let us show you the light

For three generations Darø has worked with designers to develop lighting for homes and businesses, but at the end of the day the company maintains that its goal is to provide people with light. The company’s lamp collection has been expanded to include a range of new products, but a few classics have managed to sneak their way in. Darø has always approached its work a clear intention to design lamps that provide value and generate excitement. The design is decided by the light and the light is decided by the intended function. The combination of innovative solutions, a nice finish, beautiful colours and a range of functions results in durable value. Your lamp should be more than just a lamp. Darø wants to show their customers the light—to be more than ‘just’ a design brand. Have a look at our selection of wonderful Darø lamps here.

More about Darø

Darø lighting is in a state of continuous development and its employees are always working on improving the end product. This means that the company continues to provide lighting that suits current trends, bringing modern light into our homes.

Mission - to deliver designer lighting that puts quality and light distribution for private individuals, businesses, and projects in focus.

Vision - to gain status as one of the leading bodies in designer lighting for the global market. Darø envisions itself as more than just another design brand—they want to be the go-to brand for clients who want a package solution that offers design, quality, and excellent distribution.
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