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Since the start of 2011 the owner himself, Thomas Dyberg Larsen, has been a big part of the design and production process. Especially in the latest DL-collection he has left his mark, where DybergLarsen’s values clearly shine through. The different and unique lamps are designed with Scandinavian expression, and in order to create aha-experience in the lamp’s function, material, look, production methods or a like.

Among many DybergLarsen’s popular lamps, one should especially pay attention to PineApple and Illumen. These were created in collaboration with designer Frank Kertil, whose design DNA effortlessly fits in DybergLarsen’s collection – simple, understandable and beautiful, with an “edge” that makes it different.

The DybergLarsen story started with the Magazin lamp, which was revealed for the first time at the Formland expo in the autumn of 2011—two months later, the company released their PineApple collection, characterised by its white PP shades. The DybergLarsen team call the Magazin lamp the “mother lamp” because this lamp was the reason things really began to take off. Since then, the lamp has been released in a variety of shapes and colours.

As the market for online shopping and exports developed, DybergLarsen designed and developed a new collection of lamps that were given the name ILLUMIN. If you look closely at the logo, you’ll see that it also reads as “11 min”—which is roughly the amount of time it takes to assemble the product.
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More about DybergLarsen lamps

In 2015, another collection was released to the public—a metal series named Crayon. It was inspired by the top of the famous coloured pencils we grew up with. The collection includes lamps in four different sizes and two different colours. Each lamp is manufactured using metal and glass. The collection is well-suited for private residences as well as commercial spaces, as it satisfies most, if not all, lighting needs.

Recently three new metal lamps were released and the company has multiple exciting products lined up, ready to be released.

Things won’t get less exciting over the next five years, that’s for sure.

Advantages of the PineApple collection

On top of having a classic shape with offset shades to prevent glare, the lamps in this collection have a sculptural expression and an ability to fit into any room, regardless of whether the light is on or not. The collection offers a range of lamp sizes, including pendulum, table, and standing models.

Advantages of the ILLUMIN collection

The collection is delivered in a Flat-Pack and is remarkably easy to assemble, both with and without the accompanying assembly guide. Everything you need is in the box—stand, shades, sockets, and wires. In less than 11 minutes, you’ll have a beautiful (and affordable) lamp. The collection includes lamps in more than 10 different shapes and colours.

Advantages of the metal lamps

All lamps are manufactured using durable metal and covered with a lovely lacquer, which means that they’re easy to clean and maintain. All lamps are delivered with sockets and wires—ready for you to mount.
The design philosophy behind DybergLarsen is to create beautiful products that express their Scandinavian DNA. Simple, understandable, lovely, clean, and personal. What more could you possibly want?
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