Fatboy Lamps

The Dutch designer brand creates colourful interior design products for indoor and outdoor use. The brand is best known for their iconic beanbag chairs, created by the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä in 1998. The Dutch brand acquired the production rights as they expanded their product portfolio to include a wealth of other interior design solutions, including lamps Nowadays, FATBOY is known for more than just their beanbag chairs! Browse the portable and other colourful lamps from FATBOY below.
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The brand is also known for their usable, colourful lamps, designed to suit every need. Their lamp designs break with everyday traditions and make lighting solutions that much more entertaining. Experience the fun, modern lamps that are perfectly suited for use in the home, the office, and the garden.

Aside from the innumerable outdoor furniture, including beanbag chairs, hammocks, and blankets, the brand also designs outdoor lamps. A lot of their lamps are combined indoor/outdoor lamps, and many of them are charged by cable, which eliminates the need for a socket once the product is fully charged. In other words, you can bring it with you wherever you go—including into the garden.
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