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ferm LIVING creates high-quality home accessories, and the brand is on a mission to inspire people to create spaces in which they feel at ease. Bring a sense of calm into your home with authentic design, soft textures, and deep colours. Paired with eye-catching patterns and captivating details, ferm LIVING adds an element of surprise and personality to your décor. Based in Copenhagen, ferm LIVING collaborates with some of the best artisans in the world, remaining focused on their Scandinavian background and global traditions.

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ferm LIVING - exquisite home accessories for your home

ferm LIVING is known for their timeless design and high quality. Their collections range widely and offer everything you need to create a stylish and functional home. In this category you can dive into some of their most popular home accessories, including shower curtains, mirrors, drinking glasses, shelves, coat racks, candle holders, storage solutions, rugs, throws, cushions, pillows, bedding, rugs, vases and wall clocks.

Plant boxes, laundry baskets, candle holders, vases, wall clocks and small decorative figurines

ferm LIVING's plant boxes are perfect for bringing a little green into the home. They are designed with both indoor and outdoor use in mind. Their laundry baskets are not only practical but also stylish enough to be displayed in the bedroom or bathroom. You can also get your hands on the gorgeous little figurines from ferm LIVING, which manage to add a personal touch to any room. These figurines are created with an eye for detail and make beautiful decorations in the living room, bedroom or even the office.

Candle holders from ferm LIVING are as decorative as they are functional, as you can both highlight your candles and add an aesthetic element to your decor. The warm brass candle holders in particular are also perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home. These candle holders are both classic and modern and fit into any room, whether it's the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

ferm LIVING's vases come in many shapes and materials, including ceramic vases or other large vases. These beautiful vases can be used for flower arrangements or as simple decorative elements in the home, whether they are in use or not. You can also complete your decor with a timeless and minimalist wall clock from ferm LIVING, which is both functional and stylish and fits into any room.

Practical and stylish mirrors for every taste

Mirrors are an essential part of any home decor and ferm LIVING offers a range of innovative solutions including round mirrors or large mirrors that can be used in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, where a mirror with storage is also an ideal solution as it combines reflection with space-saving storage options. Specially designed bathroom storage mirrors allow you to store your daily toiletries in a stylish and highly practical way. They also have smaller mirrors, such as a handheld mirror or makeup mirror, which are perfect for precise personal care.

Practical and aesthetic trays, coasters and coasters for every taste

Trays are practical and decorative elements in the home, whether they are in use or not. A bathroom tray can be used to organize small items like soaps and jewelry, while a kitchen tray is an indispensable component for serving and organizing spices or oils. ferm LIVING's trays are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, so they can fit into all kinds of interior styles.

ferm LIVING's unique coasters and centerpieces are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. A wooden or glass coaster protects your surfaces while adding an elegant touch to your table setting. You can also benefit from the aesthetic and practical centerpiece from ferm LIVING, which can be used as a focal point in the middle of the table or as a decorative item in the living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Elegant drinking glasses and carafes for your dinner table

For those who value aesthetics in their kitchenware, ferm LIVING offers an exquisite collection of drinking glasses and carafes. Their colored drinking glasses and colored wine glasses come in a variety of shades such as blue drinking glasses and green drinking glasses, making them a colorful addition to the dinner table. Whether you choose large drinking glasses or smaller versions, you can be sure of high quality. A wine decanter or water carafe can also be found at ferm LIVING, both of which manage to add a touch of elegance to your dinners.

Shelves and coat racks for storing clothes and outerwear

Shelves and coat racks are essential for keeping your home tidy and organized. ferm LIVING shelves offer both functionality and beauty. Here are their wooden coat racks and smart coat racks in beautiful colors and materials are perfect for any hallway or bathroom. A coat rack with coat hooks combines practical storage with elegant design, making it ideal for the hallway. Especially bathroom hooks and tea towel hooks are useful for everyday use, while hallway hooks keep outerwear and bags neatly organized and presented.

Elegant and comfortable rugs from ferm LIVING for every style

ferm LIVING living room rugs are designed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. With different sizes and colors, you can find the perfect match for your decor, and larger rugs can contribute to a cohesive style in the room. Comfort is key, and ferm LIVING's soft rugs are made from high-quality materials that ensure a pleasant experience every time you step on them. These rugs are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms where they can serve as a comfortable play area.

ferm LIVING also offers large rugs that can cover a nice part of the floor and define an area in the room. In addition, their round rugs are perfect for creating a focal point in the living room, softening the lines and adding a touch of elegance to your decor. ferm LIVING's rugs are designed to enhance both comfort and functionality in your home. With a wide range of styles, sizes and materials, there is a rug for every need and taste.

Stylish and functional shower curtains

A bathroom can easily be upgraded with a shower curtain from ferm LIVING. These curtains combine functionality with aesthetics and are designed to fit perfectly into any bathroom. A ferm LIVING shower curtain is made from quality materials that ensure durability and easy maintenance. With a selection of different patterns and colors, you can choose a shower curtain that matches your personal style perfectly.

Innovative storage solutions from ferm LIVING

Storage doesn't have to be boring - with ferm LIVING's storage baskets or kids' room storage, it can be both practical and beautiful in your interior design. A storage basket can be used in any room, while specific solutions such as toy storage or desk storage help keep children's rooms and workspaces organized and tidy. A ferm LIVING wall cabinet is perfect for small bathrooms or kitchens where it helps keep your items organized and tucked away neatly, and especially a wall cabinet with glass doors adds an elegant touch. For example, a small wall cabinet with a door is ideal for storing medicine or cosmetics.

Comfortable and decorative rugs, throws, cushions and bedding

When it comes to textiles, ferm LIVING offers a wide range of rugs and throws. Their wool throws are perfect for cold winter nights, while sofa throws add a layer of comfort and style. Cushions are an easy way to add color and comfort to any room. ferm LIVING offers a range of beautiful sofa cushions and bed cushions that add an extra elegant touch to your decor. Their large cushions and colorful pillows can easily be changed according to season or mood, giving your home a breath of fresh air.

ferm LIVING's adult bedding is known for its quality and comfort. Their striped bedding is a popular choice that adds a classic look to the bedroom. With ferm LIVING's wide range of home accessories, it's easy to create a home that is both functional and stylish. From shower curtains and mirrors to drinking glasses and shelves, ferm LIVING offers products to suit every taste and need.
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