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The adventure began in 1968, when the legendary Danish designer Benny Frandsen created his first lamp. Ever since, the Frandsen brand has been on a journey of innovation, development, and expansion, and its wide collection of wonderful designs has only grown.

These days, the Frandsen collection comprises a wonderful mix of innovative, forward-thinking products and timeless classics, and the brand has managed to beautifully bridge the gap between Danish design heritage and the driving curiosity to which it owes its success. With a lamp from Frandsen, you are guaranteed a light that never goes out of style, which is build and designed to last.
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Frandsen’s DNA

The Danish brand Frandsen is characterised by its collection of lamps and lights that bring personality, edge, and charm into your décor. Honest, organic, simple, graphic, and cheerful silhouettes that inspire.

Do you want a light that’s more than just light? Then a lamp from Frandsen might be the answer.

More than half a century in the lamp industry leads to incredible experience when it comes to design and build quality. This experience allows Frandsen to ensure that its lamps last in terms of both style and quality, and you are guaranteed a lamp for life that you can pass on to the next generation.

The lamp that started the adventure was Benny Frandsen’s Ball. The lamp was designed in 1968, and it is just as trendy now as it was in the late 60s, making it an incredible example of the timelessness that characterises the Frandsen lamps.

The story of Frandsen Lighting & Benny Frandsen

When we lost Benny Frandsen in 2021, we lost a Danish design legend. We lost a trendsetting icon, and we lost a valuable part of Danish design heritage.

He founded Frandsen Belysning in 1968 in connection with the launch of the Ball lamp, fusing with the Fritz Hansen group. Three years later, Frandsen bought back his company and renamed it Frandsen Lighting. This became the first step on the journey that would play out over the years that followed.

New versions and models were introduced, and Frandsen quickly became a name of international renown. In 2018, Benny Frandsen celebrated his 50th anniversary, and in 2019, Frandsen became part of the BESTSELLER brand NINE UNITED, which is also home to lamps from Verpan and &Tradition. NINE UNITED is currently based in Horsens and has more than 700 employees in Europe and Asia.

Benny Frandsen passed away in 2021, but his spirit lives on in the stunning lamps that can be purchased from the Frandsen brand to this day.

Frandsen lamps in interior design

In their own ways, all of the brand’s lamps will help frame the home, and it was important to Benny Frandsen that customers would be able to add their own touch to many of the products. One of the many ways this is possible is by choosing a lampshade in one of the many dynamic colours available.

Frandsen A/S is focused on design and product development. Back in the day, the brand changed its collection slightly once a year, but these days, the product range is updated regularly. New catalogues are published twice a year, and the selection of lamps and hues is revised as needed.

The brand is known for providing high-quality lamps at sensible prices. Its aesthetic and functionality is above average and helps create the framework for an exciting, impeccable décor. Each and every lamp from Frandsen can add something unique and personal to your décor, and that is why Frandsen makes some of the most popular wall, ceiling, table, and floor lamps, available in a wealth of colours!

Benny Frandsen’s Ball

Ball was the lamp that kickstarted the adventure for Benny Frandsen and for Frandsen as a brand. The little sphere has become an evergreen addition to Scandinavian décor, and Ball is just as elegant today as it was when it was first launched. The lamp comes in a range of models and as a wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, and pendant. The lamp is available in everything from brass and copper to glossy and matte hues. There is something for every taste and every style of décor. The Ball lamps provide the simplicity that many of us seek, yet it has an edge that allows it to make its mark on its surroundings. The round design is classic and works perfectly with the light from the lamp, which is a lovely glow that gathers in the centre thanks to the gorgeous round metal lampshade.

If you really want to dive into the Ball lamp collection, you can visit our dedicated product category!

Frandsen’s Lyss

Frandsen also has lots of lamps designed in more recent times, such as the wonderful Lyss, created by Frandsen’s Head of Design, Toni Rie. She’s behind many lamps in the Frandsen collection, but Lyss is a great example of her incredible abilities in terms of Scandinavian design.

Lyss is one of those lamps that are hard to pin down. If you don’t know when it was made, you might guess anywhere from the 1960s to the 2020s, and that’s exactly what makes it so unique and lovely. The stylish, easily recognisable silhouette means that it achieves a timeless expression. It never goes out of style, and its versatility means that it fits perfectly into all styles of décor.

Find Lyss in action here!

Toni Rie, Head of Design

Since 2013, Tonie Rie Lauridsen has been at the creative helm of Frandsen as the brand’s Head of Design. She’s the designer behind many of the new designs released by Frandsen, including:

  • Lyss

  • Ombre

  • Air

  • Cadis

  • If you want to discover Toni Rie’s lamps, click right here!

    The BF-20 Collection

    The BF-20 is one of the latest additions to Frandsen’s wide range of lamps. The collection comes in various versions, but we would like to highlight the wall lamps, which we consider the essential BF-20 models.

    The design is incredibly interesting as it exists in an intersection between various styles of design. The silhouette is classic and clearly draws on Frandsen’s design heritage and Benny Frandsen’s historic designs for inspiration. It’s round, making it a nostalgic tribute to the wonderful Ball lamps. But as we look back at the Ball collection, the design also provides a futuristic, almost industrial touch as it leaves joints, screws, and switches visible.

    The wall lamp’s light is direct, and the light is perfect for mounting next to a desk or in a cosy reading nook. While the lamp provides a downlight, it also creates a soft, diffuse glow, which emerges from the top of the lamp. The uplight surrounds the lamp, giving the room a soft, gentle, ambient light—and a reminder that the BF-20 wall lamp is on.

    Find the BF-20 here!

    The Butterfly Lamp

    The Butterfly lamps were originally released as pendants, but it wasn’t long before other models were added to the collection. The Butterfly design is now available as a floor and table lamp, and the different models are all wonderful additions to your décor.

    Toni Rie, the Head of Design at Frandsen, is once again behind this wonderful design, which is at once nostalgic and modern. The collection has a stunning visual expression, and while each model looks wonderful on its own, there’s something particularly beautiful about mixing and matching the lamps.

    The silhouette consists of two spheres facing the opposite direction, where the bottom sphere provides a direct light and the upper sphere creates a gentle, ambient glow thanks to its small perforations. Once again, Frandsen hits the nail on the head in terms of Scandinavian design—and as always, the exquisite Butterfly is available in a wonderful wealth of gorgeous hues.

    Find Butterfly here!
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