Goodnight Light Lamps

Based in Barcelona, Goodnight Light designs lamps based on the idea that good design plays a central role in the modern child’s room and that amazing design isn’t reserved for grownups. Their lamps appeal just as much to children as they do to adults. The neat lines and nostalgic references are the perfect fit for any environment, decorating the home with a dream-like sense of poetry. The English couple Eva and Marke Newton from Liverpool are the co-founders of Goodnight Light. For the past 15 years, they’ve lived between Paris and Barcelona where Goodnight Light has its studios. Eva’s artistic abilities are highlighted by the design, just like her expertise in navigating the world of children. Paired with Marke’s world of magic and poetry, they create imaginative lamps for Goodnight Light—Made in Spain.

Note their vinyl lamps: The Boat and The Duck-Duck. Advanced products made in Spain using strong vinyl. The shape of each lamp is inspired by the origami boats/hats of our childhoods and the rubber duck that most of us have come across at some point in our lives. The decorative lamps are rechargeable and designed to be taken with you wherever you go. They especially bring joy to your child’s room and the pool, where they float on the water and create an atmospheric light, thanks to their complete waterproofness.
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