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Genuine Scandinavian design, Danish design heritage, and first-rate build quality. Halo Design was founded in 1997 by the Danish designer Michael Waltersdorff, and the brand has developed a wealth of wonderful lamps that has made it one of the key players on the Danish design market. The Danish identity is important to Halo Design, and alongside Nordic design, functionality, and value for money, it is one of the brand’s four main values. Explore the collection below. We are confident that you will come across a lamp you did not know you needed.
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Contemporary but classic and timeless

Halo Design’s wide range of original lamps makes this a company that can fulfil all your lighting needs. The Danish brand has vast experience in light design, so you are always guaranteed top quality lighting.

The brand believes that a positive and cosy atmosphere requires a good light, so it creates more or less all kinds of lamps imaginable, so you can have the light you need to create the perfect atmosphere. With more than 25 years of experience in the lamp industry, the brand knows what makes a lamp good. Focusing on innovation and cutting-edge technology, the brand ensures that its lamps are as practical and aesthetic as possible—all at a reasonable price.

Halo Design Table Lamps

Table lamps are rarely the key players in interior design, and they are often backed up by ceiling lamps, pendants, and floor lamps. But table lamps are just about the most decorative lamps you can buy. Table lamps—particularly those that are not architect lamps—fulfil other needs, and table lamps can serve as small sculptures in your décor.

The designers at Halo Design know all about that, and that is why they create a wealth of little Scandinavian light sources that can decorate every surface of your home. Lamps like Hygge, Århus, and Northern Light are wonderful arch-Nordic, minimalist lamps that fit perfectly into Scandinavian and modern décor. The Gun models with and without hooks are wonderful industrial shapes, and 1123 is pure nostalgia and classic design that incorporates brass.

Halo Design Pendants

Once you have decided which table lamp you prefer, you should explore the pendant collection. This is where Halo Design truly shows off its incredible expertise with more than 60 different products. Whether you like an industrial, raw touch like that of the Compass, Halo 6, and Halo the XL collections, a Scandinavian look like that of the Object pendant, Århus, and Bodø, or the classic expression of the Ball, Carpenter, and Bellevue collections, you know Halo Design has a model that fits perfectly into your décor.

Discover the wide range. We have only scratched the surface here. We are confident that you will love Halo Design just as much as we do.
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