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The Danish business was founded by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger, and Daniel Henriksen in 2010. Their shared passion for design is clearly reflected in their collection. Their lamps feature materials such as glass, brass, and metal. Observant of the trends of our time, Hübsch are focused on curating gorgeous and simple designs that are the perfect match for minimalist Scandinavian décor.

Lamps stand out from the crowd and pair rustic details with stylish lines—without compromising on quality. In terms of size and recognition alike, the brand grew quickly and is now considered a giant of Scandinavian interior design. We have a wide range of beautiful lamps by Hübsch at Lampemesteren, including the desk lamp, dining table lamps, and cosy lighting solutions to create the perfect atmosphere.
Tap Wall Lamp Brass - Hübsch
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Pipe Wall Lamp Brass - Hübsch
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Kumu Table Lamp Opal - Hübsch
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Twice Pendant Black - Hübsch
RRP EUR 130.00
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Hübsch lamps in Scandinavian décor

Many people are under the impression that Scandinavian design equates to a home with minimalist and cold interior design. But that’s not the case. The Scandinavian style of interior design is cosy and relaxing, and the light in a home is a major factor in determining its expression.

The Hübsch range contains lamps that are perfect for the modern Scandinavian style. There are practical, functional, and lovely lamps, so there is something for everyone.

An adjustable lamp gives your desk or favourite reading nook a practical light. It’s useful regardless of whether it lights up homework, a good book, or a knitting project. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for some cosy lighting, the lamps with dyed or opal glass are worth considering. They emit a soft diffuse glow that’s perfect for couch areas or bedrooms where you need a calm and relaxing light.

Aside from being lovely and decorative, the materials and surface of a lamp also have an effect on the expression of the room. If you choose a lamp with a brass finish, you bring a warm golden shade into your home in a stylish and elegant way. Steel has a classic and timeless expression and adds a sophisticated look to the black and white colours of your home. It also forms a beautiful contrast to natural materials such as wood and marble, both of which are popular in Nordic décor.
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