Innermost Lamps

Innermost came to life in Wembley, North London, in 1999.

Two designers gave up ‘safe’ jobs to pursue their dream of creating unique furniture and lighting. Their goal over time was to achieve global recognition and their journey started in a corner of an old light factory in NW10.

Innermost jumped straight into partnerships with designers from around the world who had made London their home and it didn’t take long for news of the company to spread. Innermost was contacted by various other designers with ideas and suggestions before the first products had even begun to leave the comfort of the factory.

A popular hat: say hello to Jeeves and Wooster

Innermost have a vision that centres on their lamp designs being the focal point of the room. They want to design lamps that pay tribute to the social side of life. In other words, they want their lamps to bring people together.

Their exciting and experimental lamp universe is home to the popular hats: Jeeves and Wooster. The hats are characterised by their classic English expressions, but used as lamps, they have a modern twist that’s bound to put a smile on your face. With these wonderful hat lamps, Innermost take a classic element and transform it into a lamp fit for use at bars as well as in homes around the world.

The design studio and workshop in Wembley quickly became an unexpected meeting point for London’s design talent and a place of innovative ideas. The studio was—and continues to be—where different ideas and traditions meet. These differences allow for a fusion of creativity that breeds new ideas and reflect how multicultural London is.

This process has helped Innermost rise to prominence. In spite of its focus on the future, the company has never lost sight of its origins. The founders, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron, are just as passionate about their goals and designs as they were in 1999.

Jones and Cameron have stuck to their original philosophy of being ‘as British as London itself’—in other words, to be as British as possible without really being British at all. To showcase a lovely mix of what the world has to offer. To be an extension of London.

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