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Louis Poulsen has a long and proud history in the world of lighting design for both home and business. Lamps from Louis Poulsen have been acclaimed the world over, ever since Poul Henningsen won a gold medal for his groundbreaking design at an international exhibition of decorative arts in Paris in 1925. Henningsen’s work formed the foundation for Louis Poulsen’s success with lighting – he was their principal lamp designer from the mid-20s all the way up to the 60s.

Louis Poulsen produces standard lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, pendants and outdoor lighrting for both home and business use. Some of their best-known lamps are the AJ table, the PH 2/1 and the PH 3/2.
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The Louis Poulsen company has a long and proud history of designing and producing lamps for both home and business. Lamps from Louis Poulsen have been recognized the world over, all the way back to 1925 when Poul Henningsen was awarded the first gold medal at an international exhibition of decorative arts in Paris for his ground-breaking designs. Louis Poulsen produces a broad selection of floor/standard lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, pendants and outdoor lamps for both the home and business.

Poul Henningsen laid the groundwork for Louis Poulsen’s extraordinary success with lamps. From the mid-20’s until the mid-60’s Louis Poulsen’s lamps were primarily designed by Henningsen. Other significant designers that have worked for Louis Poulsen include Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Louise Campbell, Ross Lovegrove, Shoichi Uchiyama and Christian Flindt.

Timeless and unique design and quality

The overall goal is to develop a lamp with a long technical and design lifespan, and therefore it is the product’s timelessness and quality that secure the lamp’s unique suitability for both old and new interiors and architecture. Louis Poulsen has in recent years had a great deal of success in retaining its existing position and at the same time expanding through new and ground-breaking lamp designs.

Most recently, the collaboration with the young visionary deisgner Louise Campbell has resulted in great success with the colourful and organic Collage lamp, which was preceeded by the equally innovative Enigma pendant, designed by Shoichi Uchiyama.

The iconic PH lamp by Poul Henningsen

The Louis Poulsen range of classic and iconic lamps wouldn’t be complete without the unique PH lamps. The lamp was originally designed in 1925 and launched as a pendant with three lampshades—otherwise known as the three-shade system. The unique thing about the three-shade system was that the lampshades hid the light source while reflecting the light, so the lamp didn’t blind. What the designer, Poul Henningsen, didn’t know at the time was that his designs would have a profound impact on design history and that his lamp would go on to become a design icon.

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Alfred Homann

Born: 1948 - 2022
Best known work: Nyhavn lamp, Homann lamp, Ensemble chair
Training: Architect

Alfred Homann finished his studies at the Art School in Copenhagen in 1976. During his studies began working for the famous Wilhelm Wohlert, and continued there in first years after his graduation.
From 1987 – 1995 he was the CEO of his own design studio in Denmark, and at the same time spent short periods working as a designer in the US.
He uses only the best-quality materials in his well-considered and rugged lamps. Throughout his career he has won numerous prizes including Die Gute Industrie Form in 1978, the ID Prize in 1987, and the Design Innovation Prize in Germany in 1992.
His most famous lamps - Nyhavn and Homann - are two very popular outdoor lamps produced by Danish brand Louis Poulsen.

Louise Campbell

Born: 1970
Best known work: Campbell pendant, Collage pendant, Snow floor Lamp, LC Shutters - all for Louis Poulsen
Education: Designer

Louise Campbell was born in Copenhagen to a Danish father and an English mother and she has lived in both countries. After graduating from the London College of Furniture in 1992, she returned to Denmark where she continued her studies.

In 1996 she created her own studio, focused on furniture design and lightning. Her designs are playful, and there are elements of Scandinavian feminism in all her work. She is very concerned about the environment and started the foundation “Walk The Plank”, which is a collaboration between 90 designers who have all donated original designs for the cause.

Louise Campbell has several collaborations with Danish superbrand Louis Poulsen on her resume, and her work is very popular throughout the world.

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Vilhelm Wohlert

Born: 1920 - Died: 2007
Best-known work: Dehns Palae, Frederik IX’s Kapel by Roskilde Domkirke, Wohlert pendants from Louis Poulsen.
Training: Architect                                                    

Vilhelm Wohlert graduated from The Royal Danish School of Architects in 1944 and worked as a professor at that same school from 1968 to 1986.

From 1946 to 1947 Vilhelm Wohlert was employed by Swedish designers Sven Ivar Lind, Sven Markelius and Hakon Ahlberg in Stockholm, and started his own studio in 1949.

In 1957, together with Jørgen Bo, he designed the Danish contemporary art museum Louisiana in Humlebaek. All in all, the two architects developed the museum over a period of 33 years.

Vilhelm Wohlert also designed family homes and a small colelction of furniture.

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